Field Sales Associates - Colombo 04

Field Sales Associates - Colombo 04

Job Description

FIELD SALES ASSOCIATES – ROLE OVERVIEW Our Field Sales Associates are critical to BIMA’s success – this is the role that engages with our customers for the first time and delivers the great customer experience we are trying to give, as well as being at the centre of our Company’s growth and success. Reporting into a Team Leader, the Field Sales Associate will be responsible for talking face-to-face with current and potential customers in their sales territory to understand their needs and provide BIMA product, services and solutions they are willing to buy. To be a BIMA Field Sales Associate you need to be motivated to work in sales and deliver great customer service but also be comfortable working to set targets. You will also need to be comfortable doing a physically demanding job that can involving standing all day, often in hot and humid conditions THE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITES REQUIRED 1. Quickly develop a good working knowledge of the BIMA product and service offering and the sales approaches BIMA expects of its Field Sales Associates. Show proactivity to continually strive to be up to date with changes to products and services 2. Talk to a range of potential customers (potential and existing) to educate them about all aspects of BIMA’s products and services and be able to answer their questions and concerns with a view to them engaging with and buying BIMA’s products and services. Look to upsell further appropriate products and services to existing customers. 3. Evaluate the customer’s needs and match BIMA products and services to these with a view to building a long- lasting customer relationship. 4. Meet or exceed sales and other goals whilst doing so in accordance with BIMA’s standards of professionalism, quality and conduct. Meeting Team Leaders at the agreed spot and time every day and promptly informing them of any kind of absenteeism prior to the workday. Wearing the BIMA field uniform daily to provide the best possible impression of the company. 5. Use BIMA’s tools and systems to accurately record all customer and transaction information 6. Provide the highest quality of service to our customers, keeping updated with the latest information regarding BIMA’s products, services, policies & procedures. 7. Efficiently and professionally handle customer queries and complaints. Resolve product or service problems by clarifying the customer’s complaint; determining the cause of the problem; selecting and explaining the best solution to solve the problem; expediting correction or adjustment; following to ensure resolution. 8. Adhere to the company’s business code of conduct, corporate policies, guidelines, and statutory requirements. 9. Actively contribute to the immediate team particularly in Team Meetings and during learning initiatives. THE CANDIDATE – SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED 1. Passes for Mathematics and one of the languages (Sinhala, Tamil or English) in G. C. E. (O L) examination 2. 1 year of relevant work experience in sales, customer service. 3. Needs to be results-orientated and self-motivated and be comfortable working to set targets, often under pressure. Takes responsibility for own performance but also can work well in a team. 4. Should be able to learn new skills and information quickly and enjoy learning. 5. Good basic computer skills and comfortable learning new tools and technology. 6. Good time management, must be punctual and manage own time to hit targets. 7. Excellent communication and listening skills, have a good face-to-face presence and be able to build trust, rapport and relationships quickly with customers. Shows a positive attitude when dealing with others and can also demonstrate patience, persistence and persuasiveness. 8. Must be comfortable dealing with others in difficult situations e.g. calmly handling complaints or objections. 9. Comfortable with working on their feet for extended periods of time and under varying weather conditions, usually warm degrees 10. Specifically, for this role we require communication skills in Sinhala or Tamil..

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