SSE / Tech Lead - Fullstack - JavaScript

SSE / Tech Lead - Fullstack - JavaScript

Job Description

TECH LEAD SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER AY Tes PSE e aaa GOR re Se ae CE I a ees ESTE RT TINS 71 You will be a part of growing existing suite of internal and consumer products, as well as working on some major new areas UE ATURE TUTTE essen UTE URS Ge] EERE OIE Design, develop & test software complying with industry standards eee] M eM HMI TTI TUTORS (MYA ULTIMO ATUL Ee Ee TPT ete Experience in Javascript, React, Nodeds, MySql, MongoDB and AWS BGA TES e a FTO TTL M Tr Ts of the stack Good analytical and problem salving skills BSc MSc in Information Technology or a related field preferred [email protected] ees.) mR yay | N MOBIZZ Setting the Standards for Recruitment ALCL Pea .

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