SharePoint 2016 - Engineers / Associate Engineers

SharePoint 2016 - Engineers / Associate Engineers

Job Description

SharePoint 2016 - Engineers Associate Engineers What HCL Does? WHERE VALUES DRIVE VELOCITY Acommitment to our core valu elped HCL Technologi build long-term, value-centric rel ith customers and come one of the next-generation global technology come $9.7 BILLION Ucn pr covet Pere eae Se a - a lerolg Destine ares) Reece , Eire) Lule MoeesET Eran Beeuentes ecreetuk doce Peeodena tans Pease one acoecenn ies erie ery) development experience using SharePoint solutions APP framework & CSOM. Knowledge in ASM occa sce cns communication skill. coun cs eee gue cia] standards oftime| cost. | Months-18 ; , Orca ale Ae SV ected OTC Acs es Greiner cali rete. ane Seach etncne ng ee Cece l eteese ser ema ae rece meat leone] em Chee ae ees RUM tnt ies enhancements Sam chet eereyt) Meee] the clients. Petar crel keri programs for new joinees cv Send your cv at: Visit our for more information: Join us and accelerate your journey towardsnew horizonsand a future filled with endless possibilities .

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