Senior Full-Stack Engineer (Angular/Node.js/UI/UX)

Senior Full-Stack Engineer (Angular/Node.js/UI/UX)

Job Description

Senior Full-Stack Engineer — Angular Node.js UI UX Pec ee St eR eum ee Cs uence en Cue ecu aI looking for Senior Full-Stack Developers with following competencies and experience. Our client, a leading Me ee ate ae ae RED uke Saad matte: cl) tutes BOR UG ee) OU ergo ROMs sere COCR Dee eae Te a ae Prot erence our Pearl Seca tna ats SMSC EM Nance sue Rue coh aus a ea ac) Career ea ne eu o ROM ames Pee ere ca kuna a neta CaN are ao) eee ee a ta ar ett tees RCNA Wee ea eee ee CER race usd Cera te ae tr Peco nace ued tke Cd Pe ae theo UC AN a) ancora us Peo Rare tea See au Rare) Adeep knowledge of JavaScript, HTMLS, CSS3 Experience in GitLab Git Cm ike cele Belo een ODS nae oe Cte saci Pe KI ae EO Reuss cy Ses eae Ru Os cae R MN iC ue eu Relat ae eae Na Cee Slee Bam ncaa) Re le) lo Ree Mts rt) aca ccunt OR ee er se ei rit Ce us ane ag Trea) Pec R eu nae Mei Rk Suna Pees urat ee kane oe earn ati meuee ore Tener The candidate should explain his past experience projects in more detail in the resume. Pe rac RR Con ura nce acer Li OSC Ma sed Cai nek ara ceca We Offer Ce Nate-leld Tam (0) -1) Medical coverage Forward your CVs to: [email protected] Pemercraten citeaichiatculs «Training and learning opportunities https: .

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