Java Developer

Java Developer

Job Description

Java Developer ors a ah Are you looking for your next career challenge? Lexicon is seeking a Java Developer to join our elite team. We seek more than just skills. The person we require will have the necessary Breer AEn CRE ite Cue aac ean Ce enti Reyne Cenarieaitral 1) Teemu et ameLe kicker ten ail cee Java developer roles and responsibilities include managing Java Java EE application development while providing expertise in the full software development lifecycle, from Pen ae RCetsi keke hts Bae eset e Nae Rete ued Designs and develops user interfaces to internet intranet applications by setting expectations and Fe eed tela Rae T AR CVC) Aaa RNa! SP eR at uae oor heen een ical RCCL) software products, designing and conducting tests neice icine asain nei eee ears aati ieee waite RS et N ate ilar] Pee Tete Re autre isa mee eR ute MSR aC es BE ota ae Roe ea EEC yee Qualifications and Skills ROP NaN Rot dn ee oot) Ce) BC Bro Re cee Ree eC a Rr Diploma would be an added advantage —_—- Object-Oriented Design (OOD) SEENON CENT CC Y Cc Sah Rear eure Cau fons Be ACs a eT t) eM crete tai RII cy + Good Team Player DOCU Rar Rela eel eect eet RUC Picea el ea ero Developer, Oracle SQL Developer, and Oracle SQL Developer etc.) would be an added advantage Send us your completed Curriculum Vitae to [email protected] i Pie Lexicon Tech Private Limited .

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