Trainee Java Developer

Trainee Java Developer

Job Description

Lexicon Tech Private -——WE ARE HIRING!——_ Trainee Java Developer SM etal Rom ema Reel rmene en a ents Ue kB Cee nrc) eee Seas ties mee See rata eRe eres Peete ke Meliccl ont teak eunuch Rutt hook: Melee ates iauila t Feolifelaraes Ce ge Mune el aes Re Nod eRe aes aa cele Dre RNR Neen Re CA MOUNTS eM) Rolo el tect Coan ato lnchen sea CRU Ren ecient lelaratal te Coronet CIE kets Job Duties & Responsibilities Defines site objectives by analyzing user requirements. Designs and develops user interfaces to internet intranet applications by setting expectations and features priorities throughout development life cycle. Determining design methodologies and tool sets, completing programming using languages and Ree a: Maree oak it kcal Madan Integrates applications by designing database architecture and server scripting, studying and establishing connectivity with network systems, search engines, and information servers. Supports users by developing documentation and assistance tools. Re ‘ed Qualifications Skills Sea CR eR ne Been elec kel tel See a BSc. in Computer Science or Higher Diploma would Peres ekeoccee + Object-Oriented Design (00D) SOREN OR eat Sear Rete nse ua Oar Ray See rate a] Ooms nie Pr RCo Understanding of Devops, Oracle PL SQL coding, Oracle SQL Scripting, and Database utilities Lele el mercer Rel AC a Roce RO eM Rel oS Roel te Reel ellcele feller) Send us your completed Curriculum Vitae to [email protected]' aN .

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