Sous Chef - Weligama

Sous Chef - Weligama

Job Description

Rise Sri Lanka __________________________________________ Sous chef __________________________________________ The Sous chef has a vital role in our Italian kitchen. As second-in-command, he she has a large amount of responsibility. Essentially, the Sous Chef is responsible for planning and directing food preparation. This may involve supervising other kitchen staff, as well as keeping an eye out for problems that arise in the kitchen and seizing control of a situation at a moment’s notice. Full time (8 hours a day), 6 days a week during the main South coast season. Reduced hours during off-season or during corona times. Overtime and extra hours may be required Hours will vary from a morning breakfast service to an evening service in the restaurant __________________________________________ Reports To Owners Executive chef __________________________________________ Job description • Leads kitchen team in chef's absence • Provides guidance to junior kitchen staff members, including, but not limited, to line cooking, food preparation, dish plating and closing down • Oversees and organises kitchen stock and ingredients • Ensures a first-in, first-out food rotation system and verifies all food products are properly dated and organized for quality assurance • Keeps cooking stations stocked, especially before and during prime operation hours • Supervises all food preparation and presentation to ensure quality and restaurant standards • Works with head chef to maintain kitchen organisation, staff ability, and training opportunities • Assists head chef with menu creation • Use of materials and working tools with common sense, treating them as if they were your own Experience • Necessary -Worked in an Italian kitchen preparing fresh pasta for >1year • Necessary - Experienced chef for >3 years • Ideal – Experienced pizza chef Behaviours to adhere to: • Follow the hygiene and uniform ‘rules’ • Arrive on time for every shift • Phone before your shift starts if you are sick or cannot attend work • Do not spend unnecessary time on the phone or smoking when at work • We follow a ‘3 strike and you are out’ rule • Come to work with a big smile Benefits • Staff Meals provided when you are working • You’ll be provided with two changes of uniform and you will be responsible for laundry and keeping them clean • 1 day off per week in the busy season, more when the restaurant is on reduced hours • You will be covered under workers compensation insurance.

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