How to make a CV for a job in Sri Lanka

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What is a CV? 

CV, also called Resume, stands for curriculum vitae, Latin for "course of life". The aim of the CV is to give a quick overview of your personal details, academic details and professional details.

What is a good CV Format?

A good CV format is comprehensive, direct, and no more than 2 pages. It should contain personal details such as Name, Birthday, Address. It should also contain academic details such as your top educational qualifications (O/Level, A/Level, or degree). And finally, if you have previously done a job, professional details. This is about where you worked, what your title was, and what sort of work you did. If you need more details about CVs you can refer to this Harvard guide 

Who needs a CV?

Anyone who seeks employment needs to send a CV to the company they wish to get hired at. Whether you are seeking to change the job, or whether you are an undergraduate seeking your first job, you will need a CV. If you want to find jobs you can browse websites like or

How to make a good CV

Step 1: Gather your details

Open up a Microsoft Word or a Google Doc and put all the information you have about yourself in terms of personal details, academic details, and professional details. You will use the details you put here and making the CV

Step 2: Find a good CV Format

Searching on Google for "Free CV templates" will get you a lot of good results. I personally prefer this CV template and this resume template. Now download this file as by going to File -> Download 

Step 3: Edit it with your details

Now all you need to do is fill this template with the details you gathered in step 1. 

Step 4: Save it as a PDF

Now save your edited resume as a PDF. Do not send out the resume in .docx format. 


Thats it. Now you have a great CV for your job in Sri Lanka.