6 Tips for Facing an Online Interview In Sri Lanka - 2021

Facing an online interview in Sri Lanka - Cloud of Goods

1. Check which video call platform is in the event invitation.

When an online interview is scheduled, you will receive an email with details about the date, time, and a link that you must click to join the interview.

There are 3 common video interview platforms

  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom

Some platforms will ask you to install their software on your computer, so click on the link and complete the steps necessary.

2. Ensure the camera and mic works.

It is very important that you have a working camera and microphone for the interview. The company will get frustrated if they can't see you or hear you properly.

Connect to the call before the interview starts and ensure they work. Some platforms like Google Meet allows you to check your video/audio before entering the meeting.

3. Have a stable internet connection.

Video interviews consume a lot of data. Have at least 1 GB available on your data plan and ensure you have at least 14 Mbps internet connection speed. You can check your internet speed at fast.com

Also ask people at home to stop using the internet during the call, if your siblings start streaming YouTube or start downloading movies, it will slow down your internet.

You can also consider having an internet connection that only you use. Like your own mobile hotspot (see how to activate hotspot from your phone)

4. Dress well.

The top part of your body will be visible throughout the call. So ensure you dress nice and professional. Just dress as how you would go to their office if you get selected.

5. Have a clean background.

People in the interview can see everything that is in the background, from your bed, tables, and wall decorations. Ensure you clean them and tidy up the background.

6. Tell everyone in your home that you have an interview.

Sometimes people in your home can walk into your room during the call, or they might tell or do something that creates loud noises. So please tell them that you have an interview and ask them not to make loud noises and not to walk into the background of you during the interview.