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One thing WordPress and have in common is a strong, abiding belief in the open web, a rare thing in a world that is dangerously moving towards walled gardensInstead, both projects give users the freedom to build a website or to communicate on their own termsNo matter what the goal, or whether one uses the hosted versions like or hosts their own versions, users always own and control their data. We’re incredibly happy that Automattic is investing in Element  and that we’re supporting this truly open ecosystem of communication tools. We’ll need help, thoughWe’re looking for a developer to bridge the two software worlds – the one of WordPress and of The opportunities for cross-pollination are endless and may include building open-source plugins for either platform, enabling real-time chat and collaboration for business websites, blogs, e-commerce stores, or communities, integration of existing infrastructure In this role, you will also donate back to the Matrix OSS community. Enough about us, let‘s talk more about youThis position might be a good fit if you: Care about open protocols, open communication, data ownership, and the open web. Can work with a loose direction – product design and good experience instincts will be especially helpful in this integration position. Have production experience with several programming languagesPHP and JavaScript will be useful for most integrations, though you may need to quickly learn and adapt for a variety of environmentsThere are Matrix servers and clients written in Python, Go, JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, Rust, and more. Know about systems architecture. Are highly collaborative and you love participating in code reviews and discussions about architecture, or design. Have experience with project management, developing and managing a detailed project schedule and work plan. Are open and able to travel 3-4 weeks per year to meet up with your teammates in person. Extra credit: Experience with real-time platforms (whether or others). Experience with decentralized systems and platforms. WordPress or Matrix programming experience. Open-source contributions or contributions to programs designed to help underrepresented people enter the tech field. Data analysis experience, and understanding of how analytics can help with product decisions. Knowledge of tooling and build systems. Speaking of interests and skills, here are some areas in which you can grow and have further impact in the future at the company: Leadership – we offer a variety of leadership options to those who have interest, including becoming a team lead and managing releases. Learning and development – we have a generous personal development budget and encourage you to grow your skills through courses, books and conferences. Architecture – we encourage developers to develop expertise in the systems they work with, guide their evolution and mentor other developers working on them. Engineering effectiveness – we believe in helping other developers become more effective through tools, practices, cross-team collaborations, and process improvements. These are exciting times for the open web and you’ll have a unique opportunity to shape its futureJoin us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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